burned my hand curling my hair today

worth it

Man listen….

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but have you considered:

  • strong females who don’t denounce femininity or being girly
  • strong females who are “like every other girl” bc why the hell not girls are rad
  • strong females who tear down the culture of girls hating on other girls
  • strong females who are proud to be feminine 
  • strong females who support and acknowledge trans women
  • strong females who understand that being strong isn’t synonymous with manly or with “acting like a man”
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Jack’s little sister somewhat resembles Jamie Bennett. It is possible Jamie is a descendant from Jack’s little sister, which might be the reason Jack felt drawn to Jamie. When Peter Ramsey, the director of ROTG, was asked about this, he answered: “Who knows…! It could be possible… One of my regrets is that we didn’t have more screen time in the movie to flesh things out a bit more. Is there a bigger connection between Jamie and Jack? Yeah, that could be a definite possibility, that there’s some kind of lineage connection like that. It’s one of those movie mysteries.”

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People are asking me what the pjofandomfaces. I'm gonna try to explain it.


Okay so last year people were getting a lot of hate on the fandom when they posted their selfies, and I saw some people deleting for it, other people getting really sad and even some that came and told me “oh i want to post a selfie but i’m so scared!”. Then ok, I was like… what can we do to help…

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scientists could scour the arctic for decades and never find anything colder than this

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there is a difference between people who are smart and people who get good grades

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dont talk to me about nico di angelo

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i want to post the whole book

but can we just thank rick riordan for this because it is very important

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Headcanon that Hazel doesn’t even have to touch her sword to use it

That would be so badass!

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