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hi yeah so i made a movie masterpost and it is - here

so it’s just like a bunch of my favourite movies and stuff so please like this if you use it and tell me if something rlly bad has happened to one of the links go - here - to tell me about it 

oh and i am planning to add more but i don’t know if i can be bothered right now maybe in the holidays 

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Transparent Nico eating a happy meal for your dash

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"That’s not going to make the chariot turn any faster, Percy."
"Imma turn this chariot right ovER YOUR FACE."

Art by ANDIREE | Colored by thetitancurse

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Thanks to hellaaradia for the Cafe AU name o: 

Jason and Leo were the ones looking for jobs first (who wouldn’t want to work with their best friend), and got jobs as baristas at Cafe Half-Brew. Eventually, Jason meets Nico, a regular at the cafe. It takes a lot for Nico to open up to Jason (constant bugging and whatnot), but when he does and Jason learns of Nico’s personal problems, he makes Nico work at the cafe with him and Leo to get his mind off of things. 

There are so many holes in this HAHA
and i’m trying to fit all the characters in it somewhere. 

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"Sorry, dad"
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Bobby would have loved this computer

bobby would have loved everything about the bunker and he would have loved seeing dean settling in and getting his own room and he would have been so helpful with human cas oh god why did the show kill him? why did they do this to me? why

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Post giant-war Nico and Percy got stuck together on a task to kill a monster in Manhattan. The job is done and they’re taking a train ride back to Camp, but Percy is exhausted… Oops did he accidentally fall asleep on Nico?

Nico isn’t doing a very good job at appearing nonchalant. The usually colorless and pale boy is actually kind of pink… hmm…

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